Sunday Service

This gallery contains various photographs from either Sunday morning service. Photographs include; worship, volunteers,  whoever is teaching that morning, as well as candid moments of church members interacting and hanging out with one another around campus. This gallery is updated weekly.


Church Events

This gallery is for major church-wide events like; Trunk-or-Treat or the NW Bash—as well as any other church wide gatherings that may occur throughout the year. Most photographs in this gallery take place outside. 


This gallery is dedicated to showing our   various Group environments that take place on campus on Wednesday nights as well as some that happen off campus in our leaders homes. This gallery will be updated periodically. 



This gallery is for events, services, and various activities that happen on Wednesday night, Sunday morning, or even Sunday night during NSM. 


Main Street

The following gallery is for our Sunday morning Main Street environment that takes place in the Kid's Town building at either 9:00 or 11:00 AM. The photographs that are included are just from the service.


Rainbow Row

The following gallery is for our Rainbow Row environment both on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings. Children's ages in this gallery range from 6 weeks to K-4 and include various activities.


Royal Rangers

The following gallery is for our Royal Rangers ministry and their events that take place on campus—including their Rangers bash which involved various activities outside. This gallery will be updated  periodically.



The following gallery is dedicated to our young adult environment and will include most of their events that happen almost every month. This gallery will include, worship, community members hanging out, as well as various events and photobooth images. It will be updated almost weekly.



Our women's ministries are relatively new, this gallery only contains about one set of images so far, but during the fall of 2017 and launching into 2018 this gallery will be updated more frequently with new content to highlight the varrying Sisterhood age ranges.


Night of Worship & Baptisms

This monthly environment will focus on a few things mainly; worship images, some images from baptisms, as well as pastors and church family members praying with one another. This gallery will be updated within a week of our Night of Worship event at the beginning of each month.


Local Partners

Our local partners include: Charleston, Hope, our Turkey Outreach event, Eagle Harbor, Remnant House, as well as College Park Middle School.


International Partners

Our international partners include: Water Mission, Mission Impact in Guatemala, Victorious Christian Harvesters, and Wings International.


Northwood Academy

The Academy has a separate archive broken down into more specific categories and gallery like for Upper School, Lower School, sports, etc. Click the button below to be re-directed to their photographic archive.