The Tipping Point — Week 2 (RECAP)


This week at GENESIS, we continued our series The Tipping Point. We discussed how it’s dire to go against the grain of culture in order to see revival in the world around us. We simply won’t win people to Christ by looking like everyone else. By its very nature, Christianity is counter cultural, and we see that in the book of Acts. The very foundation and essence of our faith calls for us to not walk with the crowd.

Over the course of history, culture has changed countless times. The clothes have changed, the entertainment has changed, and the laws have changed. Nothing in culture stays the same for long. I often remind myself of this truth, especially when tempted to give in to the lure of culture. Regardless of how cool it seems now, there’s a good chance it won’t be cool in ten years.

I read a tweet the other day that said this:

Let’s not be experts at Netflix, and novices at the Bible.

That has really stuck with me over the last week. You can fill in the blank for whatever part of culture that applies to you. Instead of Netflix, it could sports, music, movies, or fashion. One of my wife’s former small group girls called her a couple nights ago, firing off questions about the Bible. My wife quickly said, “Mike is better with this…let me put him on the phone.”

All of a sudden I was put on the spot to answer really tough questions about Scripture. In that moment, I was humbled. “Maybe I don’t know as much as I think,” I thought. However, if someone would have put me on the spot to answer how my fantasy team did that week, I would have had an answer in seconds. I don’t want to be an expert at anything if it causes me to be a novice at the things of God.

If I could summarize this past Tuesday in three words, it would be this: Christ above culture. 
In every decision and in every conversation, I encourage you to keep Christ above the culture. 

Come check out GENESIS this coming Tuesday as we continue this series.