Weekly messages from our Tuesday night young adult service. In podcast form.


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We are going to tackle practical topics that are on your mind, as you navigate the most pivotal decade of your life. And we’ll do it in 15 minutes or less.


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Things to think about.

What to ask yourself when making a big decision:

  • Have I prayed about it?

  • Is it mentioned in the Bible?

  • Does it honor God?

  • Who around me will it have an impact on?

  • Do the pros outweigh the cons?

  • Have I asked for advice from people that are older?

  • Is this an emotional decision or will I feel differently in two weeks?

What to ask yourself when you’re thinking about getting married:

  • Do my partner and I share a common faith?

  • Can I afford it?

  • How do our parents feel?

  • Do we have somewhere to live?

  • Am I ready for lifelong commitment?

  • How deeply do I know my significant other?

  • Do our goals for life align?

  • Do we have plans to go through premarital counseling?

What to ask yourself when you’re thinking about moving out:

  • Can I afford it? (not just rent, but all the bills)

  • How well do I know my roommates?

  • How long do I plan to stay there?

  • Am I in a position to commit to a lease of up to 12 months?


Have questions about the Bible?


Knowing where to start when it comes to how we should be reading our Bible or even knowing what book to read, can be overwhelming. We want to provide a resource that helps you answer the biggest questions you may have about reading God’s Word.

Need a mentor?

At Genesis we offer a one-on-one discipleship program. You can simply sign up on a Tuesday night at service or online using the button below. After you sign up we will pair you up with and someone older (of the same sex) in the church to meet once a week for six weeks. We believe it is so important for an older generation to pour into a younger generation and we hope that we can provide you with someone that you can not only grow with, but have a opportunity to ask questions about life and faith, while learning from someone that’s been through the same stage of life that you are currently in.


Need a good worship playlist?


Need a good study, prayer, or reading playlist?