Be Willing

It’s not just for those in the upper room; it’s for you.
— Pastor Rodney

As I think about those people that sat in wait in the upper room, after Jesus had left them, before the Holy Spirit came upon them, I wonder just how they felt.

Were they expectant? Were they nervous? Were they tired but excited? Did they have any idea what to look for?

These were just people. They weren’t religious teachers, they were simply friends and followers of Jesus waiting on what was coming next.

It gives me hope to think of them this way. They didn’t have to do or be anything spectacular. In fact, the spectacular happened only when the Spirit of God showed up. They simply had to be willing. They had to wait in a time that probably seemed a bit uncertain. They had a promise but no evidence of what it would look like, yet they waited, they obeyed, and God did meet them. And when He did, when He filled them with His Spirit, they were ready and willing and allowed themselves to be used.

Not by their might. Not by their power. By the Holy Spirit were they able to speak as they were. By the Holy Spirit did they have boldness. Just look at Peter, who in the most crucial point denied Jesus in his own flesh, standing up in front of crowds and sharing the Gospel with infused power. Bold and unashamed. Willing to be used.

We are not so different than they were. And God, He’s not different at all. His Spirit is still just as powerful. He is still able to meet those who may be uncertain but who wait on Him, those who don’t know yet what they have to offer the world, and He can fill them and give them words and purpose and assurance and power.

He did it then, and He is still doing it today, and He can do it for you. Ask, wait, be willing. You aren’t expected to do it on your own.

Call to action:

Start each day this week asking God to infuse you with His power instead of trying to do and be on your own. See how He shows up.

Sarah Ann RogersComment