Control vs Stewardship

Maybe you’re holding on to way too much instead of releasing and grabbing ahold of what God has for you.
— Pastor Rodney

“Surrender” is as difficult a word to contend with as it is beautiful. Yes, it reminds us that God is in control, that we don't have to make the world turn (nor can we), but it also requires giving up and letting go of the control we would like to have.

It may be fine, but there is a line between control and stewardship. Control says that this is mine; stewardship says that I will do a good job with this. Control worries and hoards; stewardship trusts. Stewardship doesn’t sit on the couch and ignore the outcome. In fact, a good steward would keep eyes and ears open, work hard, invest wisely. Someone who thinks that they are in control might do the same. However, surrender might very well be the line in the sand between the two mindsets.

Opening your grasp is hard, especially getting started. If you’ve been living thinking you’re in full control of what you’ve got, you might be incredibly anxious or incredibly proud or both. You might not want to give when you feel prompted because you’re worried about the future or because you feel you’ve earned what you’ve got.

And this is where surrender steps in. This is where we make a decision to trust that the Creator of the Universe is actually in control, that whatever we have was only ever actually entrusted to us in the first place. Surrender is the point where we open our hands and take a deep breath and let Him replace our hoarding mindsets with His peace. Surrender may be the place where we give what we thought was ours and maybe where receive something greater than we could’ve ever worked for — trust, confidence in our Father, thankfulness to play a part in His plan.

Call to action:

Start each day this week with a prayer like this — “Thank you for all you’ve entrusted to me, and help me know what to do with it today.” Trust God to guide you and hold your hands open.

Sarah Ann Rogers1 Comment