Digest Truth

Whose words are stored up in the treasury of your heart?
— Pastor Rodney

There is a popular Christian song out right now that focuses on what God says about us, and I cried the first time I heard it (and the second, and the third). I cried because there are so many messages out in the world — coming at us through social media or our insecurities or our childhoods or our spouses or our coworkers. Without even realizing it, we can internalize messages that aren’t good or healthy or true, and they sneak up on us when we least expect them. I’ve been a victim of thinking I was insignificant or that God couldn’t want to use me, and reminders that He loves and has a plan for me are balms to my heart and mind.

Combating the lies and the harmful, untrue messages is exactly what that song is all about. It’s a gift to be able to use the victorious truth God laid out for us to tear down what the enemy tries to build up around us. But let us not be tricked into thinking this happens by osmosis. We must input, memorize, dwell on, store up, and value the Word of God for the treasure it is. We will not be able to use it if we don’t know it. We won’t be able to see when something comes against what is true if we’re not sure of that truth in the first place. And we won’t have truth rise to the surface if it’s not inside of us. It’s a gift we must choose to receive. It’s powerful, so very powerful. And you can start right now, today, digesting truth. What a privilege we have.

Sarah Ann RogersComment