Expectancy Over Fear

Expectancy over fear.
— Pastor Rodney

I was recently in a season I would define as “hurry up and wait.” We had so much going on, so much we needed to do and check off of our lists, and then in the middle of that, there was so much more that was out of our control, things we could only commit to prayer.

The contrast, in that season, of the moments when I was living in and looking through a lens of expectancy versus fear is stark. I can remember moments when I spiraled in frustration, rooted in fear, wondering what was going to happen to my family or my plans or if all of our unanswered questions would ever be satisfied. My fear was unproductive but crippling, and God did what He promises to do, and He showed up.

There are other moments, though, when I was rooted in the Scriptures, when I had others praying with me, that I was able to look ahead not with answers but with expectancy. I was able to trust and chose to believe that the God who had brought us this far would not leave us alone and unguarded. But to see this way, there were key differences — I chose to let others share my burdens, I chose to focus on what God has done instead of what I have no control over, and I decided to pray as continually as I could. In those moments of stress, I started to create a pattern of going straight to prayer and imagined myself leaving my questions at the feet of God’s throne, trusting He could handle them.

Perspective really does change so much, and it is a choice that is given to us by God. Fear does not have to end only when things go well — it can die when we choose to expect that God is who He says He is and who He has always been. It might not change what happens, but it changes how we handle it, and that is more important than we could imagine.

Think it over:

What are you seeing with fear right now that you could pray over with expectancy?

Sarah Ann RogersComment