Exposing Is Better Than Excusing

How beautiful would this be if we started exposing the brokenness instead of covering it?
— Pastor Rodney

I have to admit that words like “confession” and “exposure” don’t always make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. More than likely they can scare us, overwhelm us, make us nervous. Shame is strong, and its voice gets louder the longer we listen to it.

Exposing our sins, our mistakes, our secrets or our pasts can feel terrifying, and rightly so. We see the media, and we know ourselves. The world has a tendency to be harsh and judgmental and unforgiving.

So why would we, as Christ-followers, be so intent on stepping into the light, getting honest, and sharing our stories? Because we trust and know this is true: in Jesus’s light, shame is eradicated, our sins are forgiven, we are set free from our past and for a better future. So exposing is better now than excusing because it allows us to experience freedom. And sharing our mistakes allows others to grow because we can point a way out and up from where we’ve been, where others might be.

I realize that this starts with me and with you making little (or not-so-little) steps. First, we’ve got to be willing to get honest about what we’ve been set free from. Whole generations could learn from our mistakes and make wiser choices. But also, and just as importantly, we need to see others through the lens of Christ. We need to recognize the freedom He’s bought for them, too, not just us. And if they don’t know it yet, we can point them toward this truth — that confession under Jesus might bring conviction but never condemnation. Let us be a people who walk in honesty and encourage others to do the same. Let us not carry condemnation where Christ has already purchased freedom.

Think it over:

Do you ever see condemnation for yourself or others where Christ has brought freedom?

Read for next week:

Luke 17:11-19

Sarah Ann RogersComment