Face The Storm

Our endurance will win souls.
— Pastor Rodney

Jesus said in Luke 21:19, “By standing firm, you will win your souls.” He has just told his followers that they might be opposed by those closest to them — mothers, sisters, brothers, neighbors, friends — all because of they were following Jesus. They were going to be “dragged into synagogues and prisons” according to Him. Yet He gives this tiny sliver of a promise — their souls would be won if they stayed their ground, if they held on to what they knew to be true.

It’s unlikely that you or I will be threatened with death or dragging or complete ex-communication for our beliefs. But let us not be unaware — we will face opposition. Sometimes it might come in the actual form of persecution. Other times, it may be spiritual, financial, physical. Life is already hard enough, and here Jesus prepares his followers to be ready for it to be harder than normal because they were His.

Yet, yet, yet — the prize at the end is eternal. We all have a choice to buckle under the pressures of this life or to give in when we face strong opposition. But if we hold on, if we partner with Him in faith, if we plant our feet firmly on truth and face the storm, we are fighting for our souls and quite possibly the souls of others. It might not be an easy fight. We might be bruised or limping in seasons of this life. Things may not look as we expected or hoped. But eternity is worth the price of your endurance. What a joy it can be to know that our hope is not in what we can feel and see today. We can stand firm, choosing faith because we trust that what we experience right now might be hard but that eternity with Jesus is worth it. It was worth His endurance, and it will be worth ours.

Call to action:

When faced with the choice to buckle or stand firm this week, ask the Lord for the strength you need in the moment, and pay attention to how He equips you.

Read for next week:

Luke 22:1-30