From The Inside Out, From The Roots Up

Sometimes we prune problems instead of uprooting them.
— Pastor Rodney

Whatever you are facing, God is big enough and strong enough and powerful enough to conquer it. He created the world and saved the world and has a plan for your life.

But He also includes us in this plan. He isn’t a puppet-master pulling some strings. Sometimes, yes, He performs miracles, but so often, He also uses us and equips us to do the work of uprooting and speaking truth to the problems we face.

It is definitely work, especially if we are truly going to get down to the root system and do some digging up (which is the only lasting solution). Again, however, we are equipped. With the Holy Spirit, we have discernment, and with the Bible, we have God’s truth. We don’t have to wonder what the root of the problem is. We can ask God for wisdom, and we can do some digging. And when we come up against it, we are empowered and emboldened by a power that doesn’t start with us (but does live inside of us) to speak truth and uproot and demolish the lies of the enemy. As we do this work, partnered with and equipped by God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, we WILL see things change - our environments, our hearts, our perspectives, our families. He works from the inside out, from the roots up, from the heart of things. And He, through us, does more than we could ever think or imagine.