Get Comfortable In The Uncomfortable

We need to get comfortable in the uncomfortable.
— Mike Woodard

In this world, it’s easy to slip into believing one of two things — either that if we are in God’s will, it’ll be easy or that if we experience joy and peace, we are doing something wrong because this walk is supposed to be difficult.

Neither are fully true or fully incorrect.

There is a difference in situational comfort and deep, abiding security (or peace or joy) that comes from having God’s Spirit within us and our eternities decided. Obedience to God will so often cause us to be socially or physically or even emotionally uncomfortable. Sharing the Gospel can be uncomfortable. Stepping out into the unknown is almost always uncomfortable. But this is where God partners with us, where the Spirit empowers us, where we start to learn that the discomfort of this world can’t dim the fire inside of us or obscure our perspective. As we press through, we learn that God can be trusted no matter how easy or difficult our situation. As we press through, we build a foundation in our hearts and minds that reminds us that we don’t have to run from what might seem awkward or hard or even impossible because God shows Himself strong at all times. 

When we abide with Christ, when we are secure in His voice and our identities, then waves of difficulty and discomfort become just that — passing things. They don’t shift what we know to be the most true. And we can be settled in our innermost being that no matter how wonderful or how uncomfortable things may be, Jesus is always the best yes.

Sarah Ann RogersComment