Get Going

The power is displayed in the doing.
— Pastor Rodney

God calls us to be his hands and feet to the world. James says that faith without works is dead. Paul says that we are created for good works.

It’s all true. We are called to affect change in our homes, our neighborhood, our city, and to the ends of the earth.

Yet none of it is done by us alone. Let us not forget the early church being filled by the Holy Spirit before they multiplied. Paul retreated to be with God before he went on his missionary journeys. This isn’t to say that you can’t start moving and working and obeying God today. It doesn’t mean you need to go learn in a monastery for 3 years before you can give or speak or share or respond.

It does mean that God will give you the power you need. Sure, we can try things on our own strength, but it’ll run out. And we’ll get weary. And maybe we’ll get our motives messy.

But if we begin in Him, if we abide in Him, if we move in the confidence that He has equipped us, then we get to see what God will do through us and with us. We get to give Him glory and be evidence of His handiwork. We can know that our efforts are never in vain because we are sure we have been with Him before we struck out on our own.

If you feel ill-equipped, you don’t have to — simply spend some time with the Source of all good things, the Master Planner, the Victorious One. Don’t try to remind yourself of your own strengths — let Him fill you with His own. And then get going.

Sarah Ann RogersComment