God Cares About The State Of Our Souls

Your relationship with Christ is worth you walking away from certain things so that you can live with the Lover of your soul.
— Pastor Rodney

I think that we would all agree that wholeness and freedom and spiritual maturity are qualities worth pursuing. I can’t imagine talking to anybody who would rather stay broken and fragile and anxious and striving and depressed. But this is what we do when we don’t keep perspective. This is what we do when we choose what we want right now, what looks good and feels easy, without thinking about consequences. This is what we do when we neglect thinking about the long game and focus on temporary things.

God has set principles in place not only because He is perfect and righteous, but because He cares about the state of our souls. He cares that we not get caught in darkness. He cares that we don’t break apart our families. He cares that we have the tools to resist those things that would lead us to our own broken heart and breaking hearts around us. He cares that we walk free from the oppression of addiction and the sorrow of burdens we weren’t meant to bear.

Walking away from whatever separates us from intimacy with God isn’t always easy. If often takes practice, accountability, and constant intention. We won’t get it right all the time. But God says that if we draw near to Him, He will draw near to us. He wants to help us, and He wants us in His presence. He has made a way, and we get to walk in it. What a precious gift. Let us not ignore it.

Sarah Ann RogersComment