God is Big Enough

God is bigger...
— Pastor Rodney

It’s such a simple thing to slip past our lips — the reminder of how huge our God is. Yet when the rubber meets the road, it’s a work to remember. It’s a work to remember because the enemy is constantly pushing us to question God (ever since the garden), question what He has said and ultimately who He is.

And it’s easy to slip into believing those lies because they come cloaked in worry, in fear. 

Is God big enough to handle the mistakes I’ve made financially?
Is God big enough to carry me through this sickness?
Is God big enough to save my marriage?
Is God big enough to use me again?

We might not even know we’re asking the question subconsciously. We may be simply trying to handle it on our own along with guilt and shame or fear and anxiety. But God is even big enough for those things.

In fact, stating the question might be one helpful tactic. “Do I believe God is big enough for ____?” Ask Him. (Spoiler: the answer is yes.) He isn’t surprised, and He isn’t stunted. He is in control, and when we are unfaithful, He is always always always faithful. He follows through. He stays close. He is the Redeemer, the Restorer, and He doesn’t change. 

He is big enough, even for the thing you’re afraid to lay at His feet. Even if it’s your own mistakes. He is big enough, forgiving enough, loving enough, powerful enough.