God Values Unity, And God Values You

The thief tries to steal that which has the most value; God values unity, and God values you.
— Pastor Rodney

There is an enemy out there who wants to stifle the growth of the Kingdom — in the world, in the Church, and in you. But he doesn’t want you to know it. An unsuspecting you is much less threatening than an eyes-open, battle-ready you.

He knows, perhaps more than we do, the amazing work God can do with His Spirit alive in us. He knows how powerful it is when we are for each other, for our families and our marriages and our children and our brothers and sisters in Christ — when we build each other up and draw together and use our strengths as a group. But he doesn’t want you to know it.

If you knew it, if you were hyper-aware of the tactics of our enemy, he’d be so weakened. For the power inside of us is victorious over him, and well he knows it. If you knew he would come against your family and stood at the ready, cloaked with the Word of God and drenched in the Holy Spirit, he’d have to back down.

It’d be better to be battle-weary but standing firm on our God-given foundation than to be weary from allowing Satan to break into our camps and wreak havoc. Let us recognize the difference between fights that cause disunity and fighting for unity. May we pick the better fight and go at it with all the might the Spirit gives. For that fight is always worth it, and in Christ, we are victorious. Go after it.

Think it over:

Are there areas of your life, your family, your relationships that the enemy could be quietly sabotaging? Bring them to God and ask Him to equip you to fight the good fight.

Sarah Ann RogersComment