He Came For The Wounded, Not For The Perfect

It takes the God of the spiritual to heal a spiritual wound.
— Pastor Rodney

It can be hard for so many of us to talk about or think about spiritual wounds.

Perhaps it’s the secrecy — nobody sees what it really is until we tell them. You can hide for years what the wound actually is, though the symptoms may be obvious.

Perhaps it’s the way it can eventually pervade us like a cancer — seeping into areas we didn’t expect. What started as anger ends up in depression. What started as bitterness ends up in addiction. It might be something we did, and it might be something that was done to us — but secret shame or hurt can eats at us and grow and fester until it feels completely out of control.

Yet there’s something wonderful about “spiritual wounds” for those of us who know the Gospel. (There is hope!)
We know that Jesus knows and sees it all, so we don’t have to hide (nor can we). And we are loved. If you need to hear anything, it might be that the secret wound you think nobody knows about isn’t hidden away from the God who created you. In fact, He came for the wounded, not for the perfect. And He sacrificed everything to get to you.

We also know that He has victory over the worst of the spiritual realm — the enemy, death, hell, and the grave. There is nothing too big, to overwhelming, too scary or too shocking that He can’t heal. There is nothing that has been done that He can’t redeem.

The enemy knows these things too — he’s been defeated. But he wouldn’t want us to know that. He would want you to sit in the belief that your wound goes too deep, has affected too much of your life, stunted your growth. He is still at work wounding and lying and covering up the truth. Because the truth would get you so free. The truth would let you take hold of the healing Christ died to give you. The truth would move you away from brokenness and into a life of owning your blood-bought wholeness.

The truth is that the God who made you looked on you with eyes of compassion, called your name, and sacrificed for your healing. He cared about the state of your heart and your spirit and your soul, knowing that the bondage there is worse than any physical ailment, and He gave it all for you to walk upright, eyes ahead, restored and redeemed.

Think it over:

If there is something that comes to mind when you hear “spiritual wound,” do the difficult but brave thing and share it with the Lord, whether that be in writing or with your out-loud words. Trust Him with your pain and your shame.

Read for next week:

Luke 14:1-24

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