He Is Calling Up His People, And He Is Moving Forward

What’s started by God cannot be stopped by man.
— Pastor Rodney

In reading through Acts, we can see that though Jesus was no longer on earth, God was moving in gigantic ways. Lives were being changed. Communities were formed. The sick were being healed.

The Kingdom of God was advancing mightily, and it has continued for the next two-thousand years. We like to talk about how Christianity is on the decline, but that’s because we have a narrow filter. God is still at work and still moving. The Church all over the world is bursting at the seams, even in the face of persecution. Even here, in the Western culture, God is continuing to raise up leaders and voices that go against the current, that speak out for truth and step up for those in need. God is moving in areas like human trafficking and foster care. He is calling up His people, and He is moving forward.

If this is all true, if God is going to do as He wills and expand His Kingdom as He plans, then I cannot stop His work. But we can choose not to take part in it. The invitation is clear in Scripture and in our lives. Jesus commissions and prays over His followers. He sends the Holy Spirit to prompt us and speak to us. And then He plants us in this broken world, opening our eyes to the needs around us.

So the choice is ours. Will we join Him, volunteer our lives for His work? Or will we stand on the sidelines, letting fear or comfort hold us back? Will we let the barrier of our surrender keep us holding onto something that’s not even His best?

He has a plan for this world, and He is working. I, for one, want to be a part of it all.

Call to action:

Keep your eyes open for how God is moving in the world around you, and listen for the Holy Spirit prompting you to join in.

Sarah Ann RogersComment