He is good. He is for our good. He is for His glory.


Read: 1 Kings 19:19–20

When I read about Elijah placing his mantle and cloak upon Elisha, I am struck at how swift Elisha is to respond in obedience. If he was fearful, he didn’t show it. Also, I am impressed with how he knew exactly what was going on. With some research, I see that Elisha must have been somewhat trained to know this, perhaps having been educated in a school of the prophets. He didn’t shrink back, not because he knew exactly what was to come, but because he knew that this was of God, and he knew that the God of Elijah was powerful and trustworthy.

I can’t help but look inward — in the areas where God is calling me to let go and move forward, what is it that holds me back? What causes hesitation? Is there anything that stops me from responding immediately as Elisha did — with full abandonment of what was behind and movement toward the calling?

Ultimately, it comes down to a lack of trust in who God is. If I don’t trust that He is capable and good and intimately concerned with my life, I want to hold onto control. If I doubt that He will follow through, then I hesitate to leave what I feel is safe and secure, even if it’s not what He has for me.

So the next question we have to ask is why don’t we trust him? Why would we doubt? Well, aside from human nature and our desire to control all of the outcomes, it’s about knowing the God to whom we are surrendering. Elisha was familiar with Elijah and with the God they both served; that much is obvious. But if he had no idea who Elijah was, or if he was fuzzy on God’s character, he might be a bit more reticent to go with such fervor. But Elisha knew all this and more:

He is good.
He is for our good.
He is for His glory.
He won’t leave us or forsake us.
His ways are higher than our ways.
He would eventually sacrifice everything for our freedom.

When I am renewing my mind with these truths, then I am primed and ready to follow this God. And if we start to doubt that He is good or present or trustworthy, it’s often because we’ve fallen out of communication with Him. The more we get to know Him, the more we are able to trust Him — not because He tells us the future, but because of who He is.

This year, may we be like Elisha — ready and trusting, poised to move when God calls.

Think It Over:

Does doubt or a lack of trust ever hold you back from following God’s call? Dedicate some time this week to renew your mind about who God is.

Sarah Ann RogersComment