He Is Worthy of Our Attention

God’s plan is to lead us in the direction of worshipping our Savior.
— Pastor Cory Burchard

The Christmas season can pull out all sorts of emotions. Anticipation, envy, thankfulness, stress, overwhelm, and ideally, joy and hope. A mixture of memories and longings seems to make it either bitter or sweet (or both).

While we may not be able to control how we feel, we do have active, God-given control over what we will focus on. We can set before our eyes what we will think about, what earns our attention.

Just as the shepherds sought, and just as Mary pondered in her heart, may we this season intentionally spend our energy and our thoughts on the Savior of the world. Because friends, He is worthy of our attention. He is worthy of more than we could ever give. He is so worthy, so glorious, so deserving of praise that hosts of angels burst into song.

Even if He had never saved us from our sins, He would be worthy of our attention.

Yet He did that too — He gave His life for our freedom. He tasted death so that we could live abundantly. He rose from the grave so that we could have victory. He is worthy of our focus.

This season, what if we choose to study, to think about, to worship Him with intention because of who He is? What if we set our hearts on Him and bringing Him glory? He is worthy of it all.

Think it over:

God is worth our praise, yet He draws near to us and desires a relationship with us. Take time to thank Him for this mystery and miracle this season.

Sarah Ann RogersComment