He lives in us so that we may live differently

We’ve been made to make an impact on this world, and we’ve been empowered to do it.
— Pastor Rodney

I think that stories of ordinary people making extraordinary impact can do one of two things — it can inspire admiration or self-condemnation. We can either feel so amazed, blown away, happy that somebody is out there actually doing what we wish we could do or living up to their convictions or we can feel so small, so incapable. Whatever our reaction, I think we often (hopefully not always) walk away from a story like that and continue our daily lives, unchanged.

What the early church did was extraordinary, so big that it’s recorded in Scripture. They, however, were really just normal people. They were trade-people. They didn’t have lofty knowledge and hadn’t been raised just to launch out philanthropically into the world. They were simply full of the Spirit of God, and they knew it, and they didn’t take it for granted.

What if we realized that those stories about great impact — they could be told about us? What if we came alive to the idea that we really were created to make a mark wherever we went, in our homes and our neighborhoods and our workplaces? What if we became so familiar with the Holy Spirit filling us and guiding us that it simply overflowed to everyone we came into contact with?

You, wherever you are sitting right now, are poised to impact the world around you, and you can do it because the Spirit of God, the God who created the universe, the God that chose the color of your eyes and knows the numbers of your days on earth, the God who redeems you and sets your feet on solid ground, the God who sent His own Son to die and then raised Him from death again lives inside of you. He lives in us so that we may live in this world differently. Changed. Changing the lives of others.

Think it over:

Ask God to make you sensitive to His Spirit this week, and watch what happens when you respond.

Sarah Ann RogersComment