He Made A Way

God’s grace is enough. Period.
— Pastor Rodney

A couple of years ago, I heard a woman’s testimony on a podcast about how she came to Jesus. She’d lived a lot of her life in the pit of addiction and bondage, and at her lowest, she cried out to God. As she began to come out of the pit, she began to read the Bible, front to back. Because of the Jesus she met on the pages, she accepted His salvation on her own with nothing but Scripture to guide her.

She hadn’t been going to church while this all happened. When she started to attend, she’d already read the whole Bible and received Jesus. The interviewer asked her about dealing with her past in the church body, and the woman’s response rocked me. She said that though people questioned whether or not she could be in leadership or be trusted because of her struggles and her story, she wasn’t affected. She said that she was secure because of what she had learned from the Word of God; she knew what He said about her. She knew that she was purified and qualified in Him.

Just like the new church in Acts, we sometimes want to add requirements to the Gospel. It’s comfortable to try and fit a mold where we can earn our salvation. But anything we do is only in response to the free gift; it will never secure us more than we already are. Obedience to God’s commandments is a byproduct, not a payment. And we must be watchful that we don’t bind others or ourselves to demands Jesus never placed on us.

It is for freedom that Christ set us free — our own freedom and the world’s freedom. The enemy wants nothing more than to twist it, and we must not let him. We must not add barriers along the path to Jesus. For He made a way, and it’s the greatest gift.