He Placed Us All In Just The Right Spaces To Love

He didn’t save you to make you safe; He saved you to make you effective.
— Pastor Rodney

I love that the account of the early church is called “Acts.” It is fitting when you read it, fitting because they were so incredibly active. They moved, they spread, they ate together, they shared what they had. They used their gifts and brought it all for the good of each other and for the expansion of the kingdom.

I’m sure it wasn’t all simple then, just as it isn’t now. We have jobs and budgets and schedules. We get tired or sick or worn out. Yet in some ways, I think it is simpler than we make it out to be. What if it’s as easy as looking at what we have and what the need is around us and paying attention to where those two things intersect?

If God is so good and all powerful as we believe He is, perhaps He placed us all in just the right spaces to love and share and give and receive just what each of us needs. Perhaps we, simply by being the church, can answer the prayers of so many. Perhaps our prayers can be answered by you — by your obedience, by your willingness, by your sacrifice, by your courage.

Being an effective Christian can sound so daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Yes, it takes us looking outside of ourselves. Yes, it might make us uncomfortable. But it also changes the world. And it changes us, too.

Call to action:

Make a list of the needs around you, and see if there is one that you are equipped to meet. Then do it.

Sarah Ann RogersComment