He Will Make A Way

We have been freed and empowered to engage.
— Pastor Rodney

Let me tell you some things, friends:

You are no longer held back from loving others without insecurity keeping you quiet. You are no longer held back from sharing and speaking truth over others because of your shame and your past sin. You are no longer bound by darkness, too bound to help others see the light.

You have been set free.

And you have been empowered by the Spirit that claimed victory over sin and sickness and death and raised the Son of God back to life.

That Spirit is within you. And with you. And prompting you. And releasing you.

God is so personally invested in your story. If you were the only one, He still would have given it all, sacrificed everything for your freedom and salvation. But He’s even better and wiser and more far-reaching than that. He’s a tapestry-weaver; He allows our stories to intertwine. He allows us in all of His grace to help set others free, to remind them of what He has done for all of us, to step forward when guilt or sin or heaviness would want to hold us captive and keep us immobile.

All it takes is a yes, a single step of obedience. And then another, and then another. We never go alone. He has freed us to set others free, and He will make a way. He will open the door that needs to be open and guide our eyes and our feet wherever they need to go. How kind is He to include us. Let us say yes. For He is going to do more than we can think or imagine.

Don’t hold back when you’ve been set free. You are created for good works and good purpose. Trust Him within you, and go forward.

Sarah Ann RogersComment