He’s not after perfect people; He’s after surrendered people.

I don’t know your story, but I know your future family can start right now, today.
— Pastor Rodney

I love reading the lineage of Jesus. I used to think it was tedious. The names alone could put me to sleep. But the more I get to know the stories of the people God allowed in Jesus’ parentage, the more in awe I am of His grace.

You’d think God would have looked for the prettiest, cleanest stories to include in this holiest of stories. We romanticize the mess of it all sometimes, trying to make these things appropriate for Sunday school. But Judah slept with his daughter-in-law (who he thought was a prostitute at the time). Rahab was a prostitute. David sent a man to his death because he’d gotten the man’s wife pregnant. So many of them made such terrible decisions and mistakes. Yet. Yet God redeemed their messes and used them to influence history. God allowed them to be a part of this grand Gospel story.

This is the same God we serve. With our obedience, with our repentance, He can change generations. He invites us into a story much larger than ourselves, and He gives us some ability to affect the generations around us and after us.

A life surrendered to Him can make ripples in eternity. He’s not after perfect people; He’s after surrendered people.