His Lens Is Wider

How I wish today that you of all people would understand the way to peace. But now it is too late, and peace is hidden from your eyes.
— Luke 19:42

For years upon years upon years, God had been silent. His people had gotten used to the way life was, hoping, of course, that a Messiah would come, a King to restore Israel and her people to their rightful place, but not hoping too much. Praying, but not sure.

And then Jesus showed up. He started turning water into wine and letting blind men see and healing the outcasts and bringing grace to the shamed, and the rumble started under the surface — God is doing something.

And He was, of course, doing a very big thing — the biggest.

Yet Jesus knew that this act, this sacrifice that was coming, it wasn’t what they were expecting. It wasn’t what they’d waited centuries for. It wasn’t going to release them from the Roman rule as they so hoped. And though the eternal salvation of their souls was going to be worth much more than a temporary change, He knew that they were looking for a physical King. He let them worship and proclaim, but He knew that they didn’t see what He was going to do, not really.

God still answers prayers differently than we think He will. Better, always, but sometimes unexpectedly. His perspective is greater, His lens wider, His reach farther than we could imagine. He is for our good — we know that because He sent Jesus. But even then, the Jews were going to have to look beyond their circumstances. We can see now what Jesus was doing, how much grander God’s plans were, but they might’ve felt let down. Their limited views and their inability to see what God was doing didn’t stop the Him from working. It just caused unrest, impatience, and a lack of peace.

It makes me want to add an addendum to my prayers — Lord, help me keep my eyes open to what you are doing. Help me not to miss it even if I’m asking for something else. Thank you that you are working always, that your plans are better, that you see beyond what we can see.

Our lack of perspective doesn’t stop God, but it might just leave us overwhelmed and lacking peace. Let us ask Him for it when we don't see what He’s doing, and let us choose to trust.

Think it over:

Can you look back and see how God has answered a prayer differently than you expected?

Read for next week:

Luke 20:1-26