His Upside Down Kingdom

The same power that saved you has the power to save them.
— Pastor Rodney

Pride is a sneaky little thing. It can slink under our radar until we are faced with the need to forgive or release or extend mercy. We don’t know it’s there, but it bolsters us when we aren’t looking, making us think better of our ability to save ourselves than is actually true. The enemy knows that we are prone to it, and he’ll whisper lies that they deserve to pay for their own sins even when we are resting in the fact that Jesus paid for ours.

Our natural bent is practical, eye-for-an-eye. But the Kingdom of God is upside down (or right-side up, we could say). Mercy reigns. Justice is important, but it was already taken care of on the cross. And we are walking free because of that purchased forgiveness, not because of our own goodness.

Yet we can be blind to this fact when it comes time to extend mercy ourselves. We can forget what things would be like without Jesus. We get comfortable in our freedom, and it’s so dangerous. For we have been freed so that we can set others free. It sounds lovely until it costs us. Yet it is not ours to hold others in chains. It is our privilege and our work to extend a sliver of what has been extended to us. May we be people of grace, people of mercy, freedom-fighters. And may we be thankful for the privilege.

Sarah Ann RogersComment