How Are You Stewarding What God's Given You?

Life isn’t measured by what we own but by how we steward what we’ve been given.
— Pastor Rodney

Something in me rises up when I think about working the field God gave me to work, being faithful to show up and get my hands dirty, offering up my best to bring Him glory. I believe that happens in many of us and that God set it this way from the beginning — we are given stewardship over His creation just as Adam and Eve were.

Yet I think that a breakdown can happen when we don’t really know what it is we are given. We get distracted, looking at or wishing for the gifts and talents and general stuff other people have. I wish with so much of my heart that I could sing. I could get lost in daydreaming about standing on stage, leading worship, allowing the smooth tones of my voice to help others connect with their own worship. But I don’t have that gift; it’s not mine to steward. Instead, I have words, so many words, and a passion for the truth. These things are mine to steward (but not to own), to make sure I don’t ignore, to fan into flame and to use for the Kingdom.

I also have been given three very spirited little kids. Sometimes, to be very honest, I wish not for different kids but for less intense, more go-with-the-flow ones. Yet that’s not what I have in my hands. I have been entrusted with a little-bit-wild, incredibly curious, not quiet people in my home. So I’m responsible to educate myself on what stewarding them looks like. If I recognize what I have been given in them, then I can help them become the most effective, spirited, Spirit-filled adults one day.

All of this starts with looking at what is in my hands. Maybe it seems meager. Maybe it doesn’t seem big enough. Maybe it feels too big. But I can’t help wondering what would happen if we all got really familiar with figuring out what we are given to steward. How much more effective and purpose-filled would our lives be? How much more well-rounded would the church be — if we stopped trying to steward somebody else’s talents or kids or marriages or careers and started showing up to our own spaces with faithfulness and responsibility? How much more fulfilled would you be if you realized that you already have something right now, in your hands, that God has given you to take care of? We, the church, need you to do your part. We need you to cultivate your talent and offer it up. We need you to pour into your family. We need a community of believers faithfully and boldly stewarding their gifts for God’s glory.

Let’s get to it.

Think it over:

What do you have in your hands right now that you could steward for the Kingdom of God?

Read for next week:

Luke 12:49–13:9

Sarah Ann RogersComment