I want to be unswayable. I want to be firmly planted on the Word.

Are we so sure of everything we’ve been taught?
— — Pastor Rodney

I heard a story recently that I’ve not been able to get out of my head. A woman was talking about her insane life and the way she came to know Jesus. She had prayed one day when she was at rock bottom, and somehow, she got ahold of the Bible, and she started reading from the beginning. She read it cover to cover, and the truth inside became so real to her that her whole life changed. She didn’t know yet to join a church community, to do anything but read the Word. By the time she got around other Christians, she said that she was so sure of what the Word said about God and about her that she wasn’t insecure about what anyone else had to say about it.

I thought to myself — I want that. I want to be that sure of what God says and what I know to be true. I want to be unswayable. I want to be firmly planted on the Word.

Community is wonderful. Otherwise, voices speaking into our lives are helpful. But without knowing what God actually says, without building on that foundation and continuing to let it guide us, we will be tossed from one opinion to another. We will grasp for whatever sounds true to us at the moment. We will be insecure when we’re challenged on what we believe.

But if we, like that woman, know that we can rely on what we find in the Word of God, then we will only become more and more solid when life throws storms or doubts our way. When we choose to build our lives and our thoughts on what God says about the world and about His creation, then we won’t have to jump to the defense or respond in arrogance when somebody challenges us. We just get to stand in faith, asking God to redirect our thoughts as He needs, going again and again to the Source to sure up what we know.

Call to Action:

Spend a moment praying before you read God’s Word this week, and ask Him to help you build your life on His truth before anything else.

Read for next week:

Luke 21