If God’s Called Me To This, Can I Ever Measure Up?

When the body of Christ starts to honor one another, the world sees that there’s a God and starts to believe in Him.
— Pastor Rodney

For a long time, I thought that loving and honoring and serving my brothers and sisters was my full responsibility. If we’re called to do it, we better do it. If the spreading of God’s mission and kingdom on earth relies on my sacrifice, then I had better give it. This is the way that I thought, and it isn’t completely wrong, but I left out one major piece (the major piece).

God does call us to all of these things. We are Christ’s representatives to the world. It’s crucial, the way we treat each other, the unity we have as the body, the way our love should never have conditions.

Let me tell you a secret, though. My love, the stuff I can muster up on my own — sometimes, it is conditional. And my patience runs out after being screamed at for the tenth time in one hour by a tiny human I feed and keep safe and love on all day. And my joy at serving those in need, sometimes I don’t have it. Sometimes I am tired or selfish or just grumpy.

If God’s called me to this, can I ever measure up?

Probably not. But Jesus says that we love because the Father first loved us. So we need to first know how much we are loved. If you are trying to love from an empty well, then you better spend some time learning how God the Father feels about you, how much He adores you. You can reach out, too, and let His people love you the way He does. Then, you can love better because you have the love you need. We are created with a need to be loved by God and loved by others, and it helps us if we start full instead of empty.

Also, Paul tells us in Galatians that when we have the Holy Spirit active in our lives, He produces love and peace, joy and faithfulness, kindness and gentleness, self-control and patience and goodness. These things don’t have their origin with me, but I get to be transformed enough that they are produced through me.

Isn’t this a better picture for the world to see? Not striving and exhaustion, but followers of Christ knowing how loved they are and loving others, allowing better things to come out of them than they could’ve mustered themselves.

Think it over:

Do you sometimes mistakenly think that you have to be patient or loving or kind on your own? When you run out this week, turn to the Lord for more. Reach out to His body. See how He provides.

Sarah Ann RogersComment