If We Believe... Let Us Say...

Then [Jesus] asked them, ‘But who do you say I am?’ Peter replied, ‘You are the Messiah sent from God!’
— Luke 9:20

We are infinitely more equipped now than even Peter was to say who Jesus is — songs, verses, sermons all tell us. We have google at our fingertips.
But the connection between flippantly saying that Jesus is who he says he is and living as if that’s true gets fuzzy. That’s exactly what the enemy would want.
Because if I believe and confess that Jesus is the Savior, then I am truly released from bondage to sin.
If I believe that Jesus has given me authority, then I won’t ever lack boldness to share truth.
If I believe that Jesus has given me the Holy Spirit, then I’ll know that though my flesh is weak, I can tap into His store of self-control and patience.
If I believe Jesus is the Son of God who created everything and spoke life into existence, I will treasure and study and revere any words that came from His mouth and examine the way He lived His life.

But if I just say it or sing it all without letting the words sink into my bones and change how I live, then the enemy wins. He takes the most powerful truths about Jesus and tries to make them sound normal, as if freedom from your bondage isn’t earth-shaking, life-changing, future-shifting news. Satan wants us to say that Jesus came for all of all the earth but not share it with those closest to us. He wants us to say that Jesus is holy but not let it affect our own choices. He wants us to say that Jesus is our Redeemer but still wear our bondage.

Let’s not allow our enemy that satisfaction. Let us not let the songs and the verses pass right through us without really acknowledging the truth that changes everything.
Let us say that Jesus is the Son of God, and that His life and words are worth our time and attention.
Let us say that He is Messiah, anointed to give His life as a sacrifice for our sin and our pain and our humanity.
Let us say that He is the High Priest who made a way for us to now go boldly before God because of Jesus (and let us then go before God boldly — it’s what Jesus died for).
Let us say that He has created and equipped us for good works, and let us do them.
Let us say that He gave us a commission, and let us fulfill it.
Let us say and confess these things in a way that allows them to alter the way we live. May our days and our actions and our thought patterns reflect that Jesus really is who He says He is and that we believe it with all we have.

Jesus, we say that You are the Savior, the Redeemer, the Only way to the Father. Help us keep our eyes focused. Help us pay attention to who You say You are in Your Word, and when we confess it to be true, we ask that it works in us to change the way we live. We know that You have given our words power, so let us use them to declare the truth about who You are.

Think It Over / Action Step:

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