If You’re Reading This, There Is A Plan For You.

We serve a God who redeems our moments… You’re still here. He’s not done with you yet.
— Frank Bealer

It is easy to look back at the time we have wasted in worry or regret. It’s easy to feel discouraged that we haven’t been as effective or that we have made mistakes, and in turn, we allow that discouragement to write the narrative for our future. We allow the enemy to whisper that if we haven’t done it right before, maybe we don’t have the equipment to do it right in the future.

Yet our God is a God of possibilities. He can redeem our past and our present and prepare us for what is coming. If there is nothing too big for Him to forgive, then isn't it true that there’s nothing in the future too big for Him as well?

What if we uprooted the lie that our past and our inability dictates our future? What if we asked the Lord to prepare us and equip us for what He has put in front of us, for the family He has given us, for the people we work with, for the dreams He has placed in our hearts? What if we saw our time as a gift from Him that we get to steward?

I believe God wants us to look forward with expectancy because of who He is and not drown in our track record or our inadequacy. If you’re here, if you’re reading this, if you just breathed in and out, there is a plan for you; there is something God has in store for you to do. You don't have to face the future with fear or trepidation. You have the gift of today, the gift of purpose, the gift of time. Steward it well. View it as the gift it is, and be thankful, and see the possibilities. You’re here right now, and it's on purpose, and there is something only you are made to do and be. What an exciting, wonderful, glorious truth.

Think it over:

Write a note for yourself to see sometime this week that reminds you that God has a plan for you and that the time you’re given is a gift, and see what happens when you meditate on this truth.

Sarah Ann Rogers1 Comment