Jesus has risen. He has conquered. You are free indeed.

Who the Son sets free is free indeed.
— Pastor Rodney

I was challenged recently by a friend to live every day as if Easter just happened. Here we are, mid-week and a few days out, and I’m already tempted to forget.

Because if I lived as if Easter had just come, as if I’d just walked out of the Sunday service where we celebrated His victory and our freedom and proclaimed it, again and again, I’d live with a lot more freedom.

I wouldn’t necessarily be more free, but I'd live as if I knew how free I am.

That freedom changes everything.

So I invite you to do the work with me of reminding ourselves of this freedom. For we are free, free, free indeed. At no little cost. And for no small reason.

Jesus decided to sacrifice everything to bring you back to the Father. To give you victory over sin, discouragement, darkness, addiction, insecurity. He freed us from so much.

He also freed us to so much. To live for His kingdom. To make disciples. To bring light into darkness. To carry His Spirit.

Yet the enemy wants nothing more than for us to forget the big-ness that is our freedom. He wants to make it small — easy to reference in worship or in conversation or in reading scripture without actually feeling the weight. Without declaring it over temptation or despair. Without removing the chains he’s trying to drape around us.

But we are free indeed. Jesus has risen. He has conquered. You are free indeed.

Sarah Ann RogersComment