Jesus Wants to Meet You Day By Day

God’s grace was sufficient for your salvation, but it’s also good enough for every day since then.
— Pastor Rodney

In the very beginning of the world, the enemy of our souls tempted Eve and slipped doubt into her mind, asking her, “Did God really say…?” And he’s been trying to do it ever since.

He plants seeds of doubt wherever he can. He wants you to question whether God’s grace really is sufficient for all of your sin, especially the stuff you continuously struggle with. He wants you to believe that your struggle is bigger or darker or worse than anyone else’s. And if you hold onto the belief that you are saved from hell, he might try to get you to believe that you must be miserable and covered in shame so that you can’t move forward, so that you stay stuck and ineffective.

But Jesus came for more than that. He came and died and rose again for your eternal salvation, but He also came so that you could have a free, abundant life. And it’s this quality in our lives that shouts the Gospel to the world effortlessly.

Jesus wants to meet you day by day, moment by moment. He anticipated we would need Him constantly, and He provided for just that. All we have to do is repent and run to His feet as many times as we can. He is always ready to draw near.