Jesus Was Sent For You

God sent Jesus for you.
— Pastor Cory Burchard

I’ve heard it from so many people in one form or another: “It’s easy for me to accept that God loves/forgives/sees other people, but it’s hard for me to accept that for myself.” I think that the reason it's hardest for us personally is because we know ourselves best. I know my weaknesses, my sin, my brokenness. It’s messy stuff to think of God intervening all of that. It’s intimidating, and sometimes, it seems impossible.

Yet if it is true for her or for him, it’s true for me and for you. Jesus was sent for you. Jesus died for you. The Holy Spirit can comfort and guide and be present with you.

Perhaps it will take you standing in front of a mirror, looking into your own eyes, telling yourself this truth. God sent Jesus for you. Perhaps you need to write it on sticky notes everywhere. Perhaps you need to tell a friend to remind you of it daily.

It’s a vital thing for the whole world, for your whole world, that you get this truth. Because if you believe it, if you truly believe it down in the depths of your heart and mind and soul, it’ll seep out of you onto every surface, into every encounter. The effect of a person who knows just how much they’ve been redeemed and just how intensely they’re loved regardless of what they do — it’s unmeasurable. That’s why the early church was so effective — they were just that changed. They didn’t do what they did out of duty, they did it out of overflow. God didn’t ask for action before He met them with love and freedom and life change. They had something to give only because they had been given so much.

Think it over:

Is it hard for you to believe that God sent Jesus specifically for you? Make a practical step to remember the truth about this today.

Sarah Ann RogersComment