Keep Your Feet Planted

Emotions have expiration dates; principles don’t.
— Pastor Rodney

In Ephesians, Paul tells the early Christians, “Be angry, and do not sin.” I appreciate that he doesn’t say, “Never ever feel anger.” Perhaps he knew it was impossible to completely control our initial feelings, that some days we would feel angry or overwhelmed or sad or stressed or hurt or anxious. He acknowledges the anger and then encourages self-control.

Once we accept that feelings themselves aren’t always sinful, we can be aware that they come, and if we keep our eyes focused, they’ll probably pass, too. If we manage our emotions properly, allowing them to exist but never giving them control, then we can live based on what is true, not how things feel. I heard once that feelings are like the weather, and that if we can learn to see them that way then we can watch them come, and we can watch them go. We can keep our feet planted.

This way of living comes by knowing what is real and true and trustworthy, and that’s every word that comes from the mouth of God. He set principle-based things in motion, and His Spirit gives us both the wisdom to discern what those things are and the self-control we need to practice them. We can trust what He says, and we can trust that He supersedes how we feel in the moment. We can plant our feet, determined to do His will, not our own, and we can trust the outcome, no matter how stormy our skies might look. For He is constant, the most constant, and we can trust in Him.

Sarah Ann RogersComment