Let Us Be Advocates Who Spread Your Light

An advocate is a person who champions someone else.
— Pastor Rodney

The world tells me I need to look out for number one, and it make sense at first. It makes sense to my flesh. We are trained to focus on our own space, our own dreams, our own ambitions. And I don’t think that God wants us neglecting the gifts He gave us, not at all. But the Kingdom way is motivated by something different from the way of this world.

The Kingdom way is about the glorifying of the Father, not glorifying the self. It’s about community, not selfishness. It’s about filling gaps and lifting one another up, not about shining bright alone and stepping on others to get there (wherever “there” might be).

To be motivated by selfish ambition is not the way of the Kingdom of God, but it’s our autopilot if we aren’t careful. To want to be recognized — it’s in us if we don’t surrender it. If we don’t pay attention, this will be our way — to seek our own glory, to protect our own ambition, and to keep our eyes on our own “prize.”

Yet I wonder just how many names we don’t know that are greatly prized in the Kingdom of God because of they way they lived for others instead of for themselves. I wonder how many quiet servants sacrificed their own fame for the cause of eternity — for they knew that the value of God’s Kingdom moving forward was worth more than their temporary self-satisfaction.

It’s not that hard of a prayer to pray, but also it is:

God, let me be about your kingdom, about your people, about your glory more than my own. Let me be an advocate who spreads your light and champions those you call me to champion.

It may be difficult to shift into this gear, but the value is forever. And the Kingdom is worth it. May we give up earthly gain for heavenly gain every time.

Sarah Ann RogersComment