Let Us Love As You Love

The Cross is the great equalizer for people.
— Cory Burchard

We’re trying to teach our little kids that we are all the same, that no matter how we look or sound, we all are the same on the inside. But already, even in elementary school, they see differences. They notice how people are similar to them and how people aren’t.

We do this throughout life: measure ourselves in comparison to others. Sometimes, we come up insecure and sometimes over-proud. 

And so when we say that the ground is level at the foot of the Cross of Jesus, it means more than one simple thing. It doesn’t only mean that nobody is better than anyone else (though that is true); it also means that everyone is equally loved. Equally seen. Equally created for a purpose. Equal amounts of potential. Equally forgiven.

As we see this truth, as we allow the Spirit within us to draw us together, we can have a better perspective on the people in our lives. We see them as God sees them. We see where they have the same amount of need and the same amount of brokenness as we might, and we also see where there is the same opportunity for restoration, for wholeness. 

This should make us stronger individually and stronger as the Church. This is the truth that the world needs. This unifies us. This shows the world the way of Christ.

Let it be with us, Father. Let us see as you see -- ourselves and our neighbors. Let us love as you love, and let us hate division.

Sarah Ann RogersComment