Let Us Walk Upright In The Freedom of Your sacrifice

We have to know we need a Savior.
— Pastor Rodney

The word “conviction” doesn’t carry the most positive notes for most of us. Usually, with a conviction comes a sentencing. When you do the crime, you do the time.

It’s a God-created law of this Earth. Justice requires that a wrong must be paid for. We like conviction on the larger scale when it comes to murderers and corrupt politicians and kidnappers. Yet when it comes to personal conviction, the type that involves an intimate peek into our private worlds or our motives or intentions, we tend to push back hard.

The push-back seeps out with phrases like, “Only God can judge me.” Or, more currently, “Your truth is your truth, and my truth is my truth.” We want to somehow circumvent the feeling that conviction brings. We are flawed, so flawed, and no matter how hard we try, we will never stop being so. The weight of that is too much to bear. It seems that to accept conviction, we will break underneath it.

This is where we see the people around Jesus — breaking underneath the weight of the conviction He brought, breaking to the point of murder. They were ready and willing to kill the man that called them out. He had pushed too far. I’d say that’s some pretty strong pushback, wouldn’t you?

But they didn’t know what we now know. They didn’t know that they were part of this larger, grander story. God the Father knew that conviction can’t come without sentencing, and because of His profound justice coupled with His overwhelming love, He took the sentence upon His own Son.

Yet we still want to push back on being convicted. We don’t want to accept our humanity, the flaws and selfishness and inability to love unconditionally that we all seem to carry. Except Jesus made a final, lasting way for us to stand up underneath these things — He took the punishment. And so conviction stops being so horrible if we let it. It starts becoming the place where He meets us, the spot where He swoops in and saves the day, the moment that He reminds us of our purchased freedom.

God, let us not run from or break under conviction’s weight. Let us accept the knowledge of our need and accept the salvation from our sin. Let us walk upright in the freedom of Your sacrifice.

Read for next week:

Luke 23:26-49