Let's Focus On Our Eternal Inheritance With Jesus

We have an eternal inheritance with Jesus. Why would we not focus our investment there?
— Pastor Cory

Are any of you shaking your head at the word “investment?” It’s so easy for us to see the investment possibilities in the lives of others. It’s so easy to spot her talents or his time or their family or marriage or job, but it’s often not so easy to see the value of our own investment.

When I get to this place, questioning what I have to give or whether what I’ve got is worth giving, I think about people who have impacted me in big and small ways. I think about the young mom with kids just a little older than mine that I still reference to this day, and we haven’t seen each other in years. I think about the man I met at work one day who stopped and asked me a sincere question about my life and the way it made me feel to be seen and valued. I think about the generations past, my grandparents and great grandparents doing small, daily work of obeying God’s call on their lives without much recognition or fanfare. And I think to myself - what if they hadn’t invested their life in this way? What if they had discounted the work in front of them and kept their eyes on their own wants and desires or their insecurities and worries? What if they had twiddled their thumbs waiting for something big to come along before pouring themselves out? Or what if they believed the lie that their words and actions didn’t actually matter?

We know they matter. We are impacted by others every day. We also impact others every day. And if we have the Holy Spirit alive inside of us, the impact is super-charged. We don’t even have to run on our own power. We just get to be obedient and say yes to an eternal perspective. We get to spend our time and our energy investing our resources in something that won’t ever fade. What a privilege it is.

Sarah Ann RogersComment