Let's Write This On Our Hearts

God knows what He’s doing. God’s plan is good. And I’m a part of His plan.
— Pastor Rodney

I’m a firm believer that we need to teach our hearts what to believe. For if we let our circumstances or our emotions dictate the state of our hearts, we will be tossed from one place to another, twisted and unsure.

Yet it’s work, this instructing our hearts. It involves choosing what we will believe to be true and then reminding ourselves again and again and again.

It’s easy to question God’s power and intimate care for our lives when things get dark. And it’s easier still to ignore these truths when things are going well, when we don’t necessarily need something on which to cling.

But God is in control. And He makes good plans. And we are kindly included in that plan, benevolently thought about, our lives numbered by Him and our selves designed by Him.

In season and out of season, this is true. It’s worth hiding it in our hearts on the easy days so that when the ground feels like it’s shifting, we can remember what we actually stand on.

For God truly does care about every detail of our lives. And to live in response to that brings Him glory and brings us comfort. We serve a God who can be trusted. Let us write it on our hearts.

Sarah Ann RogersComment