Look at What I Did With What You Gave Me, Lord

Deadlines have a way of changing our perspective.
— Pastor Rodney

It feels morbid to talk about the end (you know what I mean — the ultimate end, biting the dust, kicking the bucket — need I say more?). Yet death is all around us as a reminder that our days and our moments truly are numbered. It’s not a mystery, it’s not hidden, and nobody would dispute it, but I think it’s just very easy to dismiss for a good portion of our lives.

But if we don’t remember, if we don’t take at least some time to notice that the gift of our days is also numbered, then it’s possible we’ll lose the sense of perspective we have got to keep for us to live more effective, meaningful lives.

Remember, there are things in life that are specifically given to you to do. There are people placed around you that are meant for you to love, pour into, serve, and to whom you are to be God’s mouthpiece or hands extended. There is a job you were created to work. And if we remember that everything truly is a gift we are meant to steward, and that we will have to give an account one day for what we have done, then it could change everything in the best way.

Maybe you have been given a family to raise and love and teach about the Lord.
Maybe you have been given influence in the lives of people around you.
Maybe you have financial resources others could only dream of.
Maybe you have some extra time on your hands.

You certainly have been created with a specific grouping of talents and gifts that nobody else has just like yours.

All of these things are good gifts from the Creator, not things that we got on our own merit or from our own effort. I don’t think He hides from us what those things are — I think we each have an idea of what we’re supposed to be stewarding. And one day, I want to look back and know that I paid attention to what the Lord gave me to steward and gave my all. I want to be able to lift up my hands and say, “Look at what I did with what you gave me.”

Think it over:

What is one thing God gave you to steward that you have been neglecting? Is it a talent? Your family? Your environment? You can start today asking Him to help you use what you’ve got for His Kingdom.

Read for next week:

Luke 16

Sarah Ann RogersComment