Look to Jesus

If you will keep your eyes on Jesus, he will lead you. He will guide you.
— Pastor Fred Richard

As the year begins, perhaps you are making strides toward new goals. Perhaps you are trying to leave something behind, to shake off bad habits or mindsets. Or perhaps you are simply hanging on for dear life, hoping to make it and keep your head above water.

This year inevitably holds some wonderful things to come — things you can’t even imagine right now. My last year unfolded in a way I never expected, and I’m grateful and amazed at what God did.

And this year also will hold trials you don’t yet know about. I wish we could predict these things and circumvent them, but anybody who has tried that knows it's simply impossible.

Life will happen in the next twelve months. I hope for you that they’re exciting and happy and full of all the best things. But whether they are and whether they are not, I know one thing — the Holy Spirit is ready to guide you. Jesus sent Him to be your comforter, your direction, your conviction. And the more you listen, the clearer His voice. The more you get to know how He speaks, what His character is like, the more familiar He is when He speaks or nudges or whispers or shouts.

This year, start it off paying attention to what you can control — that’s where your eyes look, what your ears listen to. Keep your focus on Jesus, and trust that He’s got you. If you hear anything, hear this — look to Jesus. When it’s beautiful, look to Jesus. When it’s hard, look to Jesus. When you don’t know, look to Jesus. When you think you’ve got it, look to Jesus. Look to Jesus.

Sarah Ann Rogers1 Comment