Our Feelings Are Not Reliable

It’s ok to have a little bit of doubt in your faith...we don’t know God’s final product.
— Pastor Rodney

We live in a society led by feelings. If something feels wrong, don’t do it. If it feels good, go for it. It’s a dangerous game we play, letting our feelings be our guide. They change like the wind. If I’m hungry and tired, then every word out of my husband’s mouth feels annoying to me. If I’m full and rested, I’m happy to listen.

Doubt is defined in many places as a feeling. And feelings, my friends, are not reliable.

Thankfully, our doubt and our insecurity and our uncertainty don’t have any impact on the activity of God.

I bet the disciples doubted that this was all going to turn out well. This wonderful leader of theirs was getting murdered before their very eyes. If that’s not a reason to feel doubtful, I don’t know what is.

Their doubt didn’t stop God from following through.
And yours doesn’t either.

What does affect us, though, is when we allow our doubt to hold us back from stepping toward Him, from deciding to believe. Belief is not defined as a feeling. It’s an active decision. It’s a choice to say that despite how we feel, we will hold fast to what is true.

Don’t let these two things affect each other. Jesus isn’t affected by your doubt; you are.  

If you haven’t been through a moment where you doubted but chose to trust and believe and take a step of faith anyway, maybe you can’t look back on the ways God showed up. But let me tell you — He shows up despite us. He has shown up for me despite my shaky faith. And mine is just one testimony, one drop in the bucket. But I’m sure enough to tell you, to urge you — don’t let your doubt sour your faith. Watch it come and watch it go. And watch God work when you choose to believe anyway.

Think it over:

How is belief different from doubt?

Read for next week:

Luke 23:50-56 & Luke 24:1-12