Our God Is A God Who Wants To Open Our Eyes

God alone opens up our eyes.
— Pastor Rodney

In returning to His followers after being raised from the dead, Jesus both opened eyes and minds to see and understand clearly what was going on.
This idea both terrifies me and thrills me.

I’m terrified immediately that there might be something I’m missing, that despite all of my efforts, my eyes might not see everything nor my heart understand. What if I miss what I’m supposed to see and hear? What if I’m walking blind like the two men who walked with their beloved Jesus without knowing it was Him? And why would He let them do so?

I don’t have that exact answer, but I am reminded that in both of these instances, Jesus was in control of opening His followers up to what they needed to know and see in the moment. He didn’t scold them for not knowing already; He led gently and miraculously.

This is where the thrill comes in. When I get over the desire for control, I realize that no matter my ability to see, He is present and working. And I trust that when He wants to clue me in on it, He will do it as only He can.

And I don’t believe that this is passive work. For Jesus Himself said to keep asking, keep seeking, keep knocking — and I have to believe that meant seeking Him and His Kingdom and His perspective, asking Him to open our eyes, pressing in and staying close, ready for what He wants to show us whenever He deems the right time.

I’m reminded, also, in all of this, that our God is a God who wants to open our eyes, who doesn’t hide things mercilessly, who reveals truth to us as we need it. And so we seek Him, and we keep ourselves alert, trusting that He is our guide.


Ask the Lord to open your eyes to see what He wants you to see today or to open you to understand truth in a way you haven’t before, and watch how He does.

Sarah Ann RogersComment