Peace Goes Where He Sends It

Scripture calls Jesus the Prince of Peace which means He owns it. Peace goes where He sends it. And so the next time that this world or the enemy tries to take that peace away, you need to say, ‘Not today, because it is not yours to take. It is a gift from God.’
— Mike Woodard

When I think of the word “peace,” I imagine myself sitting on a beach with nobody calling my name for days on end. I imagine quiet, no stress, no problems. But you guys, this world can be just plain overwhelming. With bills and people and kids and coworkers and schedules, life is a lot to handle. This isn’t even mentioning sickness and job loss and hardship. It can feel hard to catch a breath, and peace often seems like the very last thing accessible to me, especially my version of peace.

Yet the Bible tells us that a fruit of the Holy Spirit in our lives is peace, and Jesus commands peace, so it has to be something that God makes possible for us wherever and whenever. If it’s something that He controls and a gift He gives us, then it transcends whatever we are going through, whatever we are facing, whatever is rocking our boats or threatening to capsize us.

With this knowledge, I am able to step into whatever knowing that God will keep me in peace. I am able to arm myself with truth that tells me that when I pray, God's peace will guard my heart and my mind. His peace might not mean sitting on a beach not living my life, but it does mean that I’m never alone, I don’t have to live overwhelmed, and that I don’t have to be anxious. It’s a gift, but I have to recognize it and receive it.

Think it over:

When you get overwhelmed this week or are faced with more than you think you can handle, remind yourself that Jesus calms the waves and can calm your heart and mind as you hand your worries to Him.

Sarah Ann RogersComment