Plug In

Who is going to be here in the future because you got plugged in?
— Pastor Rodney

I am often very concerned with the effectiveness of my life. Am I doing enough? Am I kind enough? Am I present enough? What if I miss something?

Yet in these questions, I forget the one major component I need to make an impact on this world. Jesus left us with the Holy Spirit, but sometimes we feel like we need to go it all on our own. And then we fail, and we don’t see how we ever will be enough.

Jesus knew we weren’t enough. That’s why He came. And He knew we would need guidance, comfort, power that we couldn’t muster — that we weren’t even created to muster on our own.

The Holy Spirit carries the same power that brought Jesus back to life from the darkest death. That power lives inside of us. That power raises the things we thought were dead or lost in our lives. That power also can and will affect those around us — our spouse, our kids, our neighbors, our coworkers. If we are carrying the power of Jesus inside of us, if we are plugged into that source and living out of the overflow of it, then our lives will naturally be a dynamic force in this world. We won’t have to muster up whatever is needed to draw people to Jesus or do enough to be a witness all alone. No, we are gifted with the presence of God’s Spirit, the Creator of the Universe and the Savior of man. All we have to do is plug in, respond, and allow Him to do His work by our obedience.

Think it over:

What could look different in our personal lives, in our families, in the world around us if we stopped relying on ourselves (or our lack) and started relying on the Holy Spirit?

Sarah Ann RogersComment