Put My Ears On

And the seeds that fell on the good soil represent honest, good-hearted people who hear God’s word, cling to it, and patiently produce a huge harvest.
— Luke 8:15

Of all of the soils Jesus details, I think that most of us would intend to be the good one. I read the words and hear the message and sincerely hope that I fall into that category, that I don’t let the enemy take the seed of truth away, that I resist temptation, and that I don’t allow the cares of this world to crowd out God’s Word.

But none of those things matter if I don’t have contact with it.

I can hope all I want that I’m good soil, or I can “put my ears on” (thanks, Pastor Rodney) and pay attention to whatever Jesus says it takes to be good soil.

He says that these people hear and cling to God’s Word, and I want to take note that both of those things depend on my actions. I can do more than hope to be good soil. By the grace of God, I can do my part. I can hear and cling.

To hear, I must be in a position to take in the Word. I don’t hear the newest song if I don’t turn on the radio. I don’t know what my mom’s voice sounds like if I don’t pick up the phone and call. If my only contact with God’s Word is once or twice a week, then His voice won’t seem as familiar to me. For me to hear, it takes putting things it in place to be heard (or read, of course). Hearing doesn’t have to be passive, especially because we have access to His Word at our fingertips. We can actively take in the truth at whatever volume we choose.

Once I’ve heard, I can then cling. The definition of “cling” is to hold tightly, to remain very close to something, or, and this is my favorite one, to remain persistently or stubbornly faithful to something. Stubbornly faithful to remind myself what Jesus says when I’m tired, when I’m frustrated, when I’m at my end. Stubbornly faithful to use the Word that I’ve worked to hear and read as a weapon against the enemy. Stubbornly faithful not to loosen my grip on it on Tuesday morning and Friday night, going back to it again and again.

And just like that, I’m on my way to being good soil, primed and ready to hear whatever He wants to say next.

Lord, thank you for the promise that says the more I listen, the more I’ll understand. Help me put myself in a position to hear you, and give me the strength to cling to the truth above all else. Help me pursue Your Word passionately and stubbornly. I know that the seed of Truth planted in my life produces a life that loves others and brings glory to You. Help me focus on what happens in secret as I patiently and consistently tuck Your Words into my heart.

Action Step:

As you’re reading the Bible this week, listen for one to two verses you can cling to throughout the week.

Prepare Your Heart:

Read for next week: Luke 8:22-56

Sarah Ann RogersComment