Stand Firm In A World Of Shifting Sand

How has your interaction with Jesus made you more graceful and powerful?
— Pastor Rodney

When we believe Jesus and receive His salvation, we also receive His Holy Spirit. This means that we have access to the same power that raised Jesus from the dead, healed the blind and the lame, and releases us from paying the penalty for our sins. In short, it should and can change every part of our lives.

I think that the enemy knows this though, and he would like nothing more than to get you to feel powerless in so many areas — powerless against temptation, powerless when overwhelmed, powerless to share the name of Jesus. So let’s call him out on it. Let’s ask Jesus to open our eyes and our understanding to what His Spirit wants to do in us. For if we believe what He says, then not only will we be affected, the world around us will see. The grace and power and peace and fruit of the Holy Spirit transcends anything you could muster up yourself, and it’s magnetic. It’s effective. It’s life-changing.

If we aren’t encountering Jesus, if we aren’t listening to Him or reading His words or allowing ourselves to become desensitized by the world, then how will we know what the Holy Spirit wants to do? How will we be available when He wants to move in us? Let us remember the privilege and authority we have as Spirit-bearers, and let us steward it well. Let us draw near to hear and recognize His voice. And let us walk in the power we are gifted, standing firm in a world of shifting sand.

Call to action:

Make a practical move to draw nearer to Jesus (spend extra time praying or reading or worshipping), trusting that when you do, He draws nearer to you as well.

Sarah Ann RogersComment