Stand Firm In The Inheritance God Has Given Us

We need to know who’s we are.
— Pastor Rodney

When we are deeply aware at all times of our identity, it changes everything. The world wants us to believe that our identity is in our job, our family, our community, our country, our culture. When we stand on these things and not on the Jesus-purchased identity as a son and daughter of the Creator God, we lose sight of what matters most.

And if those things shift, we shift. We feel unsure or insecure or blindsided. Yet we don’t have to place our feet on changing ground. We get to stand firm in the inheritance God has given us freely and graciously. 

As His children, we get to walk into His courts with confidence and pray with fervor, knowing He hears us. As His children, we know that our home is not this earth, so we live with a hope of heaven. As His children, we don’t divide, we unify. We are known by our love because we are so loved that it can’t help but spill over and out into the family of God and onto everyone else.

We don’t have to defend this identity. Jesus did all of the defending for us. It is secure and bought and paid for in full. The accuser can have nothing to say that will change what has already been done.

What a joy and and undeserved privilege. God, help us to live sure and confident of who you say we are. And help us, as your children, be your hands and your feet and your voice and your heart as we walk through this world.

Sarah Ann RogersComment