The Battle Has Been Won

Obedience is hard when the opposition is real.
— Pastor Rodney

Sometimes I have fallen into the trap of thinking that if something is really hard to do, maybe it’s not God’s will. I’ve assumed deep down that if God wants me to do something, He’ll open all the doors in the most beautiful way, and He’ll usher me in, and He’ll make my way easy. Except Scripture doesn’t say that. It say’s He’ll make my way clear, not easy. It says that when we go through difficulty, He will be with us. It says that there is an enemy roaming the earth looking to steal and kill. And he is against our growth, the expansion of the Kingdom, and our obedience.

I think that the bigger the step of obedience, the bigger the opposition can be. It’s logical, of course. If our impact was meant to be small and insignificant, the enemy wouldn’t come so hard after us. But he knows — he knows the power that we’re given to carry. He knows the authority Jesus purchase for us. And he knows how God’s people can turn the world upside down when they love and forgive and step out and run on mission. He knows, and he’s out to stop it all from happening.

Since we have a God that is so much bigger, we get to ask Him for help, for perspective, for clarity, and for boldness. He is victorious over the opposition we might feel or think or see. And so we get to claim victory, too. We get to walk in obedience no matter how scared we might feel because that’s not from God. We get to walk in obedience no matter how weak we feel because that feeling isn’t the truth — we are given everything we need to obey, and God will use us if we do.